Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM, along with business intelligence and service in one, comprehensive, cloud-based solution. Ideally suited for government entities and the agencies they support, Dynamics 365 has everything from financials and reporting to case management—plus the agility to fit your processes and adapt as your needs and requirements change.

The Cloud Advantage

With a cloud solution, the need for IT resources is dramatically reduced or even eliminated, along with the costs of maintaining an IT staff. In addition, the cost of the solution itself is lower because it gives you the flexibility to buy only what you need and add apps as your needs change. The cloud also gives you more flexibility in where and how you work: you can access your system and data from any device anywhere, at any time.

Benefits for the Public Sector

Working for or on behalf of the public, it is your responsibility to provide timely service, quality service and deliver on your promises. If you’re supporting programs that serve communities, you need to ensure funding stays in place and that programs are producing positive outcomes.  the public, you have a responsibility to them to provide services in a professional, timely manner. Most of the time, you’re doing this with limited resources and budgets.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps governments and community based organizations manage everything from back-office accounting to case management—all in one place. With Dynamics 365, you serve the people who count on you responsibly and efficiently, freeing you to find even more ways to be of service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers:

  • A convenient portal that gives citizens easy, direct access to information as well as providing a community forum.
  • Business intelligence that provides valuable information to help you stay on top of spending, outcomes, and satisfaction with programs and services. You can also provide reports to funding sources.
  • PowerApps and Power Flow, which let your people easily create their own apps for mobile and the web without having to write code. These tools enable fast customization for even better productivity and outcomes.
  • AppSource, a convenient online store that lets you try and buy additional apps for Dynamics 365.

Pricing Options

Dynamics 365 offers two versions: Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition and Dynamics 365 Business Edition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Combines the Best of ERP and CRM

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AKA Demo - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

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